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What's the Best Garage Floor Coating?

By Jim Dugan
Professional Contractor & DIY Expert

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The proper finish can add beauty to your dull, drab garage floor. It can also add substantial durability and make cleanup much easier. Unfortunately, many inexperienced do-it-yourselfers choose the wrong type of finish, and flaking inevitably ensues. Before you attempt a resurfacing or refinishing project, choose the best garage floor coating to ensure lasting results.

The Wrong Garage Floor Paint

Ordinary latex and oil-based paint won't work well on a garage floor. Don’t use these types of finishes, or peeling, staining and/or fading is bound to occur.

The Right Garage Floor Finish

There are many types of garage floor finishes available. Although some work quite well, others may ultimately provide undesirable results. Traditionally, the best garage floor coating has been epoxy paint. A two-part coating consisting of a resin and catalyst, this durable finish provides a colorful, glossy sheen and is able to withstand the weight of a car. If you choose another type of coating, read the label to ensure that it boasts the same qualities as traditional epoxy paint.

Things to consider

Epoxy won’t stick to your garage floor unless the concrete has been etched. The etching process requires the use of dangerous muriatic acid. Unless you are experienced working with caustic substances, hire a professional to prepare the garage floor.