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Deck Kote Pool Paint Review

By Jim Dugan
Professional Contractor & Home Improvement Expert

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Deck Kote Pool Paint is a water-based acrylic finish intended to improve the appearance of a swimming pool. Like most premium exterior paints, it's formulated to resist the effects of ultraviolet sunlight. It's also relatively slick, a characteristic that makes it easy to clean and resistant to stains.

The positives

Because it's water-based, Deck Kote doesn't expel the same unpleasant and potentially dangerous solvents associated with some types of pool paint. You can also apply it to damp surfaces and it cleans up relatively easy with ordinary soap and water. It cures relatively quickly; however, I'd recommend waiting longer than the two days the company recommends before refilling the pool. Because it resists UV light, it retains its original color quite well, and a single gallon covers between 300 and 400 square-feet.

The negatives

The company claims the finish will resist abrasion, chemicals and fading; however, like most any artificial finish, Deck Kote Pool Paint is not indestructible and won't last forever. Expect to have to reapply at some point in the future, and when you do, you could have adhesion problems due to the coating’s slick, durable nature.

Additionally, though this coating is ideal for KOOL DECK surfaces, the company promotes it for bare concrete surfaces as well. Unless the concrete is relatively rough, it's not likely to hold the new finish well. Typically, smooth, nonporous concrete surfaces require an acid etch to promote adhesion. Regardless of what the company claims, I'd be shocked if some flaking didn't occur when the coating is applied to very smooth exterior concrete. Typically, it's ill-advised to paint concrete floors, decks or walkways unless they are already rough or treated with muriatic acid.


Overall, my Deck Kote Pool Paint review is on the positive side; however, there are a few things you should consider when settling on a finish for your swimming pool. First, this product is very slick when it dries; so if you plan to apply it to walkways, sprinkle an aggregate on top of the wet coating before it dries, or you could be in store for some dangerous accidents.

Secondly, although the company makes some big claims about its product, there are suitable alternatives that don't cost as much. There's nothing wrong with buying this type of finish for your pool; however, if you're interested in alternatives, I'd recommend speaking to an experienced, knowledgeable agent at your local pool, home improvement or paint store.

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