Making Money Blogging

By Ryan Lawrence
Special Contributor to Special Features
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  • Making Money Blogging

  • More and more individuals are beginning to understand that blogging is an ideal way to start an online business. It demands minimal start up expenses and low overhead. You can also build a loyal, substantial readership and once you learn how to monetize your blog, it can bring in an impressive income that will keep flowing even when you are on vacation or asleep. If you want to start making money blogging about this or that, you need to learn the fundamentals.

    There are multiple ways to create a blog online. You can use free sites that will host your blog for you; or, alternatively you may set up your blog under a purchased domain name.

    If you want to make impressive money from blogging, you need complete control over your blog - and this is something free blogging accounts, such as Blogger and Wordpress won’t give you. Bound by their conditions and terms, you'll be forbidden to actively promote anything substantial. Most online marketers who opt for free blogging accounts are surprised to find their accounts suspended within a week of their creation.

    It costs a few dollars to purchase a domain name and find a web server to host your blog, but the benefits far outweigh the costs involved. It can literally cost as little as $20 per year to host your own blog. And this minor expense can afford you the freedom critical to cultivating the income you desire. To start making money blogging, you need to keep your overhead as low as possible.

    Once you are ready to set up your blog you must choose a good layout and theme for it. You might choose one that relates to your subject or you might select one for aesthetic reasons. A simple Google search reveals that there are literally thousands of templates available online.

    While appearance holds weight, the most important question you should ask yourself is what you plan to blog about. While some blog about general aspects of their lives, others blog about their careers. Still others blog about hobbies, parenting and celebrities. It doesn't necessarily matter what you blog on as long as you are passionate about the subject matter. Remember that you will be writing about this subject multiple days per week. If you aren't enthusiastic for it, your posts will easily show this, and your visitors won't have the enthusiasm to read them.

    Once you've established a readership, you can monetize your blog. If you want to generate some money from as many visitors as possible, use a pay-per-click program like Google Adsense. This is a free affiliate program that displays contextual ads on your blog. Each time a visitor clicks on one of these ads, you get paid. This is a good monetary strategy for those with blogs that cover a wide range of subjects.

    There are also several websites that pay for each post you make on your blog. Sites, such as Review Me and Pay Per Post, offer to pay a fee to those willing to review websites and products on their personal blogs. You may also review products on your site and place affiliate links within the text. Affiliate websites pay a percentage or commission for each sale.

    Regardless of the monetary strategy you employ, the foundation of cultivating a profitable blog is based on dedication and honesty. Set aside time each and every day to create new pertinent posts, or readership may die off. Be honest with your visitors, or they may begin to lose trust.