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Right Wing Politics: What is the GOP Motivation?
By Ronald J. Bushwell - December 21 2011 Political News Feature

Right wing politics has long been centered on increasing domestic oil production; however, a new report is causing many to ask, what is the GOP motivation?

Cain Would Save Money With 9-9-9 Tax Plan
By Ronald J. Bushwell - November 02 2011 Political News Feature

According to Herman Cain's financial disclosure filing, the GOP presidential candidate would benefit greatly from the 9-9-9 tax plan he has touted throughout his campaign.

Iowa Poll: GOP Primary a Two-man Race
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 31 2011 Political News Feature

The Iowa caucuses are set for Jan. 3, and according to one of the most respected surveys in the United States, the GOP primary is down to two viable candidates.

Polls: Romney Leading in Four Key States
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 27 2011 Political News Feature

New surveys suggest that Mitt Romney is gaining significant momentum in the race to secure the GOP presidential nomination, though Herman Cain still remains popular in two key states.

Perry Unveils Plan for Flat Tax System
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 25 2011 Political News Feature

Gov. Rick Perry has introduced a tax plan he says is simple enough to fit on a standard postcard; but will it be enough to revive his struggling campaign?

Survey: Americans Want Change to Constitution
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 24 2011 Political News Feature

According to a new Gallup poll, most Americans aren't very fond of the traditional system for choosing the leader of the free world.

Congress at Odds Over Mortgage Assistance
By Nathaniel Hutchinson - October 23 2011 Political News Feature

Last week, most in the Senate threw their weight behind a measure intended to increase homebuyer activity in some of the wealthier U.S. neighborhoods.

Poll: Cain Dominating Romney; Perry Struggling
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 21 2011 Political News Feature

According to a new University of Iowa survey, Herman Cain currently leads all other Republican candidates by double-digit points.

Poll: Herman Cain Popular, Unlikely to Win
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 18 2011 Political News Feature

Most consider Herman Cain the most likeable conservative presidential candidate; however, less than a quarter think he has a shot to win the general election.

New Report Says Republicans Get Better Press
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 17 2011 Political News Feature

According to a new report, Republican presidential candidates have had it easy in the media spotlight compared to President Obama.

Rick Perry Outlines Controversial Energy Plan
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 14 2011 Political News Feature

Rick Perry introduced his plan to increase energy production in the United States and create over a million jobs; however, his ideas could put him at odds with the majority of his party.

Study: Lack of Insurance Killing More
By Paul A. Acho - October 4 2011 Political News Feature

According to a study conducted by Harvard-based researchers, approximately 45,000 yearly deaths can be associated with the lack of available health insurance.

Poll: Sarah Palin Popular but Not Viable
By Ronald J. Bushwell - September 20 2011 Political News Feature

A new poll indicates that Sarah Palin is gaining ground on President Barack Obama; however, few want her to run.

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"It would be huge": U.S. border town confronts possible import tax

A man in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico looks through the U.S. border fence into NogalesFor up to 16 hours a day, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and mangoes grown in Mexico flow north through a border checkpoint into Nogales, Arizona, helping to ensure a year-round supply of fresh produce across the United States. In many ways, Nogales represents the flip side of free trade deals that have battered industrial cities in the Midwest, where jobs have been outsourced and manufacturing plants shut down. The cities where Donald Trump's promise to throttle what he calls unfair competition resonated most profoundly during the presidential campaign.

U.S. lawmakers push for answers on Trump team's Russia ties

U.S. President Donald Trump meets with retailers at the White House in WashingtonBy Steve Holland and Patricia Zengerle WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A crisis over the relationship between President Donald Trump's aides and Russia deepened on Wednesday as a growing number of Trump's fellow Republicans demanded expanded congressional inquiries into the matter. Trump sought to focus attention on what he called criminal intelligence leaks about his ousted national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Trump forced Flynn out on Monday after disclosures he had discussed U.S. sanctions on Russia with the Russian ambassador to the United States before Trump took office, and that he later misled Vice President Mike Pence about the conversations.

Meeting Israel's Netanyahu, Trump backs away from commitment to Palestinian s...

U.S. President Trump laughs with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at joint news conference at the White House in WashingtonBy Luke Baker and Matt Spetalnick WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump on Wednesday dropped a U.S. commitment to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the longstanding bedrock of Washington's Middle East policy, even as he urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to curb settlement construction. In the first face-to-face meeting between the two leaders since Trump?s victory in the 2016 election, the Republican president backed away from a U.S. embrace of the eventual creation of a Palestinian state, upending a position taken by successive administrations and the international community. "I'm looking at two states and one state, and I like the one both parties like," Trump told a joint news conference with Netanyahu.

U.S. Labor Dept nominee Puzder withdraws, in blow to Trump

FILE PHOTO -- Andrew Puzder takes part in a panel discussion at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly HillsIn a blow to President Donald Trump as he tries to assemble his administration, his nominee for labor secretary, Andrew Puzder, withdrew his name from consideration on Wednesday amid concerns that he could not garner enough Senate votes to be confirmed. Puzder's decision to withdraw is yet another setback this week for a White House still grappling with fallout from Monday night's abrupt resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn, after less than a month in the job. Puzder, the chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants Inc, which franchises fast-food chains including Hardee's and Carl's Jr, has been at the center of a swirl of controversies, complaints and potential conflicts.

Trump?s in trouble. Is it Christie time already?

Trump?s in trouble. Is it Christie time already?Somehow, on Valentine?s Day, while he was trying to find a new national security adviser to replace the one he?d just fired, and while he was staring down multiple investigations over potential collusion with Russia, and while he was dealing with the fallout from having conducted missile diplomacy with the Japanese in the public dining room at Mar-a-Lago as if it were one of those party games where everyone got to dress up as a country in World War II ? somehow, with all this swirling around him, President Trump managed to lunch with his old friend Chris Christie. Because Trump needs a guy like Christie to come in and grab the wheel of this careening presidency, and he needs it to happen now. If he hadn?t decided to publicly disembowel Marco Rubio in that last debate in New Hampshire, as payback for a raft of negative ads, Trump would probably be back on the ?Apprentice? set right now, ogling the interns.

Watchdog blames Trump for spike in anti-Muslim hate groups

Watchdog blames Trump for spike in anti-Muslim hate groupsThe number of hate groups in the United States rose for a second consecutive year (from 892 in 2015 to 917 in 2016), according to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which cited Donald Trump?s presidential campaign as one reason for the spike in activity among the radical right. The most dramatic change documented in the civil rights watchdog?s annual ?Year in Hate and Extremism? report, published Wednesday, was the near-tripling of anti-Muslim hate groups ? from 34 to 101.

Trump breaks with old Middle East policy ? and campaign positions

Trump breaks with old Middle East policy ? and campaign positionsPresident Trump on Wednesday dropped the decades-old U.S. position that Middle East peace requires the creation of a viable Palestinian state. He also watered down campaign-trail pledges to move America?s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and dismantle the Iran nuclear deal.

Andy Puzder abruptly withdraws as labor secretary nominee

Reports: Andy Puzder to withdraw nomination for labor secretaryAndy Puzder departs after a meeting with President-elect Trump in November. Andy Puzder, President Trump?s embattled nominee for secretary of labor, has withdrawn his name from consideration. ?After careful consideration and discussions with my family, I am withdrawing my nomination for Secretary of Labor,? Puzder said in a statement on Wednesday.

Trump blames ?unfair? media for decision to oust Flynn

Trump blames ?unfair? media for decision to oust FlynnPresident Trump on Wednesday denounced ?criminal? leaks of classified secrets and what he called the ?very, very unfair? news media?s treatment of ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn, a day after the White House said the mercurial retired general had to go because he misled colleagues and lost his unpredictable boss?s trust. ?I think it?s very, very unfair what?s happened to General Flynn, the way he was treated and the documents and papers that were illegally ? I stress that, illegally ? leaked,? Trump said at a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The president praised Flynn as ?a wonderful man? targeted by ?the fake media,? and he condemned leaks of information showing that the former Army general misled top officials including Vice President Mike Pence about potentially improper contacts with a top Russian diplomat.