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Right Wing Politics: What is the GOP Motivation?
By Ronald J. Bushwell - December 21 2011 Political News Feature

Right wing politics has long been centered on increasing domestic oil production; however, a new report is causing many to ask, what is the GOP motivation?

Cain Would Save Money With 9-9-9 Tax Plan
By Ronald J. Bushwell - November 02 2011 Political News Feature

According to Herman Cain's financial disclosure filing, the GOP presidential candidate would benefit greatly from the 9-9-9 tax plan he has touted throughout his campaign.

Iowa Poll: GOP Primary a Two-man Race
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 31 2011 Political News Feature

The Iowa caucuses are set for Jan. 3, and according to one of the most respected surveys in the United States, the GOP primary is down to two viable candidates.

Polls: Romney Leading in Four Key States
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 27 2011 Political News Feature

New surveys suggest that Mitt Romney is gaining significant momentum in the race to secure the GOP presidential nomination, though Herman Cain still remains popular in two key states.

Perry Unveils Plan for Flat Tax System
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 25 2011 Political News Feature

Gov. Rick Perry has introduced a tax plan he says is simple enough to fit on a standard postcard; but will it be enough to revive his struggling campaign?

Survey: Americans Want Change to Constitution
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 24 2011 Political News Feature

According to a new Gallup poll, most Americans aren't very fond of the traditional system for choosing the leader of the free world.

Congress at Odds Over Mortgage Assistance
By Nathaniel Hutchinson - October 23 2011 Political News Feature

Last week, most in the Senate threw their weight behind a measure intended to increase homebuyer activity in some of the wealthier U.S. neighborhoods.

Poll: Cain Dominating Romney; Perry Struggling
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 21 2011 Political News Feature

According to a new University of Iowa survey, Herman Cain currently leads all other Republican candidates by double-digit points.

Poll: Herman Cain Popular, Unlikely to Win
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 18 2011 Political News Feature

Most consider Herman Cain the most likeable conservative presidential candidate; however, less than a quarter think he has a shot to win the general election.

New Report Says Republicans Get Better Press
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 17 2011 Political News Feature

According to a new report, Republican presidential candidates have had it easy in the media spotlight compared to President Obama.

Rick Perry Outlines Controversial Energy Plan
By Ronald J. Bushwell - October 14 2011 Political News Feature

Rick Perry introduced his plan to increase energy production in the United States and create over a million jobs; however, his ideas could put him at odds with the majority of his party.

Study: Lack of Insurance Killing More
By Paul A. Acho - October 4 2011 Political News Feature

According to a study conducted by Harvard-based researchers, approximately 45,000 yearly deaths can be associated with the lack of available health insurance.

Poll: Sarah Palin Popular but Not Viable
By Ronald J. Bushwell - September 20 2011 Political News Feature

A new poll indicates that Sarah Palin is gaining ground on President Barack Obama; however, few want her to run.

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