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Dallas Cowboys Fans want Jerry Jones Fired, and rightly so
By Ryan Lawrence - March 13 2012 Sports News Feature

If they want to see Jerry Jones fired and replaced with a new GM, Dallas Cowboys fans will have to take some drastic steps to force the owner's hand.

The Dallas Cowboys in 2013 Super Bowl? Here's How
By Ryan Lawrence - February 4 2012 Sports News Feature

After yet another late-season collapse that saw more than a few warts exposed, the Dallas Cowboys seem years away from contending for the Super Bowl.

Expect a San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl
By Ryan Lawrence - January 20 2012 Sports News Feature

When the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens played earlier this season, the game was dubbed the "Harbaugh Bowl." Expect a rematch on Super Bowl Sunday.

Why the Baltimore Ravens Beat the New England Patriots
By Ryan Lawrence - January 16 2012 Sports News Feature

Unfortunately, Belichick's savior won't be able to keep the Baltimore Ravens from beating the New England Patriots on Sunday.

Jim Rome Makes Fun of Tim Tebow Music Video
By Ryan Lawrence - January 11 2012 Sports News Feature

A recently released Tim Tebow music video may be uplifting to fans of the Denver Broncos quarterback; however, Jim Rome clearly thinks it's laughable.

T-Sizzle Suggests Racism Helps Tim Tebow; Hurts Cam Newton
By Ryan Lawrence - January 06 2012 Sports News Feature

Terrell Suggs said there is a double standard for Tim Tebow and Cam Newton, and his comments suggest he believes racism is the main reason why.

How Tim Tebow Can Beat the Pittsburgh Steelers
By Ryan Lawrence - January 04 2012 Sports News Feature

The odds-makers have the Broncos penciled in as 8-point underdogs, but make no mistake; Tim Tebow can beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

John Elway a Fool for Cutting Kyle Orton for Tim Tebow
By Ryan Lawrence - December 27 2011 Sports News Feature

Even if you think John Elway was right to choose Tim Tebow over Kyle Orton; there can be no doubt that he managed the two players foolishly.

Drew Brees Comments on Tim Tebow
By Ryan Lawrence - December 20 2011 Sports News Feature

It seems everyone in the NFL has an opinion on Tim Tebow, including New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees, who recently commented on the Denver Broncos quarterback.

Tim Tebow Will Beat Tom Brady! Wait, No He Won't
By Ryan Lawrence - December 16 2011 Sports News Feature

Weeks ago, the thought of Tim Tebow orchestrating a win against Tom Brady would have been laughable. Oh how times have changed.

Did Steroid Effects Give Sports Star 2011 MLB Award?
By Ryan Lawrence - December 09 2011 Sports News Feature

According to reputable sources, steroid effects may be responsible for a Major League Baseball sports star's amazing 2011 season.

Tim Tebow Critics Are Wrong! Aren't They?
By Ryan Lawrence - December 09 2011 Sports News Feature

In the short term, Tim Tebow critics look like they couldn't be more wrong; in the long run, they'll be proved right.

How to Oakland Raiders Can Beat the Green Bay Packers
By Ryan Lawrence - December 07 2011 Sports News Feature

Here's what the Oakland Raiders will have to do to give Aaron Rodgers and the undefeated Green Bay Packers loss number one.

Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett Press Conference
By Ryan Lawrence - December 05 2011 Sports News Feature

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett answers questions from the media about his controversial decisions during the team's loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL Picks: 2 Crazy Upset Predictions
By Ryan Lawrence - November 12 2011 Sports News Feature

This week, expect a pair of inconsistent favorites to do what they do best: confound and confuse their fans.

Sports Betting: Take the Buffalo Bills over the Dallas Cowboys
By Ryan Lawrence - November 11 2011 Sports News Feature

At times, the Dallas Cowboys look good enough to win the NFC East; however, they won't be good enough against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday.

Pick the Seahawks Over the Ravens
By Ryan Lawrence - November 09 2011 Sports News Feature

If you think the Baltimore Ravens will dominate the Seattle Seahawks, you simply haven't been paying attention to the NFL.

Week 9 NFL Picks
By Ryan Lawrence - November 03 2011 Sports News Feature

My week 9 NFL picks identify a few underdogs that should put up strong showings, and one or two upsets that will have many scratching their heads.

Syndicated Sports News

Lamar Jackson wins two major awards (Yahoo Sports)

Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson has won two of the three player of the year awards. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

The dynamic Louisville quarterback has collected to national player of the year prized. But can he win the big one?

Who really deserves the Heisman? (Yahoo Sports)

Crowded and unlikely Heisman finalist field missing true standout, but the pick should be easy

The group of Heisman Trophy finalists is a collection of unlikely players with no clear standout. But the pick should be obvious.

Kings in a quandary with DeMarcus Cousins (Yahoo Sports)

The Kings are a deeply flawed team that needs help, but is trading perhaps the best center in the league the right move?

The Kings are a deeply flawed team that needs help, but is trading perhaps the best center in the league the right move?

Hot Stove Digest: Cubs acquire Uehara (Yahoo Sports)

Koji Uehara

Chicago has agreed to a deal with free-agent reliever Koji Uehara, 41, who was effective for years with the Red Sox.

2-Man Game: Time for Kings to trade Cousins? (Yahoo Sports) The Vertical?s Chris Mannix and Bobby Marks debate whether the time has come for the Kings to trade Demarcus Cousins.

Fantasy: Guys who may end your playoff dreams (Yahoo Sports)

Devonta Freeman

Expect Falcons RB Devonta Freeman to deliver least when he's needed the most, says Brad Evans.

Kings duo faces civil suit in alleged NYC fight (Yahoo Sports)

DeMarcus Cousins, Matt Barnes (Getty)

DeMarcus Cousins and Matt Barnes have been named in a civil suit stemming from an altercation at a New York nightclub on Monday.

Why Clippers still aren't ready for Warriors (Yahoo Sports)

Blake Griffin (AP)

Except for one filthy slam, Blake Griffin failed to deliver in a loss to the Warriors ? a game the Clippers desperately needed in order to bolster their fragile psyche.

Report: Golden Knights trademark denied (Yahoo Sports)

Vegas Golden Knights trademark denied: Report

The trademark for the Vegas Golden Knights was rejected by the U.S. Patent Office, according to multiple reports.